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Weight Loss

Weight loss varies with each individual depending upon a variety of factors. For so many people, trying to lose weight naturally can be overwhelming. It can lead to taking supplements which can be harmful to your body, starvation, binging, feeling lethargic and depression. Nine times out of ten you ultimately end up gaining back the weight plus more. 

We use a Bio-energetic screening (MSA) which can help pinpoint where any imbalances are in your body that could be delaying weight loss or even preventing it. We offer an integrative weight loss assessment to determine the body’s imbalances in hormones, thyroid, blood sugar issues, digestion issues, stress and emotions, etc. this can help us learn why the body is holding on to extra weight. 

 The screening takes the guesswork out of identifying what should be added or eliminated from the diet. It enables us to detect food sensitivities (a major cause of chronic inflammation), nutrient deficiencies, toxins within the body. 

Once we have completed your screening we can accurately provide you with personalized protocol based off of your body’s needs to help aide in weight loss. We offer whole body detoxification programs which  combines botanicals and advanced nutraceuticals to support the body in the facilitation of elimination. It also contains homeopathics to temporarily relieve symptoms during this process.

You will then begin your Weight Loss -Management program which includes: Supplements to help relieve symptoms of weight loss  that accompany dieting such as hunger, headache, fatigue, and mood swings & Appetite Control. This program and your personalized weight loss protocol will help you in loosing those unwanted pounds.

Who is this program for?

Clients who want to improve energy and feel rejuvenated

Clients looking to lose weight, such as before or after a vacation or the holiday

Clients with weight-loss goals
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